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 † 25-10=2019

Last weekend quietly laying in my bed in the hospital contemplating whether it was T Bone steak for tea or not, through the door walked Frans van Dorst and Toon Knaapen. I was speechless - gob smacked! I was so shocked 2 brothers from Holland had come over to see me, they said 'no' there are 5 of us - but the others are lost in the corridors!
Eventually all came, Ruud de Jongh, Bendix Goudzwaard and Shep - Bristol's first inducted Rocking Rebel Eindhoven had found the right room. Much laughs, tears and banter, with other visitors coming as well. Eventually they had to go but were coming back the next day. I was left alone to wonder what had just happened - amazed - shocked - blessed.
Then came the normal family visits.
The next day I had never had so many visitors in one day - half of my family, half of Lynn's family and then the boys walked in, carrying a suspicious package in a plastic bag. Some of the family looked shocked to see Frans van Dorst, Toon Knaapen, Ruud de Jongh and Bendix Goudzwaard. But within 10 minutes they had won everyone over. It was there natural charm. The gents they are they said they would go and have a coffee to allow us a visit with the family. Don't get any better than that.
When they came back some of the family was going and Ian Webster came. They all came in and mingled, hugs and kisses all round and then the banter and the chat. The stories told were very gentle because of young ears and eyes and then family left. I was made a presentation of 2 placks - see photos above - where I was made an honorary member of the Rocking Rebels Eindhoven. I had to hold back the tears - I felt blessed - what was shown was true brotherhood - care - love - compassion, sometimes it is not all rock and roll - its family.
Big Fanx to all the brothers and here I am one happy bunny. Bless all xxx, Fred

Exactly, 3 weeks ago, we busted into a hospital in Bristol, to support our Brother Fred Ruff; Mister Cool, and surprised the shit out of him. This morning he slept in, peacefully, and his lovely wife Lyn Carrow, told me, he kept talking about our visit, all these weeks.. Proper Respect, for one of the MOST Proper Man, I ever met! King Cool is no more.. The King is dead; Long Live The King! Dear Brother; FANX (like you Always said it) a bundle, for all those good memories, and your warm friendship, over all those years; You'll live forever, in our hearts!
Condoleances to all his family, in Bristol and the rest of the world, and his massive R&R-family!

Frans van Dorst
Ambasador Rocking Rebels

Last time, we drank, laughing our balls off, about Fred Ruff, wanting his HAIR back, from his "son" Bendix Goudzwaard.... I just got texted, from above; You can KEEP it, facker!

Bendix Goudzwaard
Rocking Rebels Board

I got the sad news this morning that one of the best Teds died the toughest and the coolest and a heart of gold. My condolences go out to lyn Carrow, his family friends and Brotherhood and wish you all the strength.
I am gonna miss Big Brother😢, Rest In Peace 🙏🏻❤️

Ruud de Jongh
Rocking Rebels Member

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