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Added a few new photo's, with o.a. the Ferry de Kitl's Rebel jacket, some 1978 foto's etc.
In ARNO's page I posted some new picture which I got from Cor Schellings. (thanks!)


The 'Rocking Rebels' On-Line-webshop is a big hit (Merchandise)

Although we had serious doubts whether an on-line web shop would be the best way forward, we sold more then ever. Even more important is that we reached an audience that previously would never had bought from us. It is fair to say that we also missed-out on some business, because certain people never shop on-line, but that is minority and dying species anyway, that would also not have gone to buy one. We removed our traditional e-mail based web shop, as a test proved that apparently nobody responds to that e-mail, and that explains there were no sales in the last two years.
In the means we also added a girly version of the 'De Vlucht' shirt per request of our female fans. (see below tweet)

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